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I'm on Ubuntu and connected to time...com server to save online all progress. I tried offline mode too.
Well, I push "Export" and copy code here on site. If I try Import same code - all works. But if I paste it here, change something and undo - I receive code that is not the same as I pasted. And this _new_ code does not work when I push Import. Same with any user's code or any changes - just nothing happens.
16th December 2015 3:29pm
Ok, try pasting the code here, as long as it's decrypted everything is fine. Due to the nature of the encryption the encrypted code will never be the same, regardless if you made changes or not. That's ok. Now try setting totalGold under "GoldBank" to zero. Then wait a short moment until the encrpyted part is updated/changed and copy all code in the top area to clipboard. That's important, the game imports the savegame from your clipboard. Then use the import function from ... Read More
16th December 2015 7:02pm
Well, even if I try to change and undo anything (just to regenerate code) - this code already do not work. Maybe you are right, and it is Linux's issue. Thanks anyway.
16th December 2015 10:28pm
Time Cubes still works. But the Weapon Cubes doesn't.
12th December 2015 1:22pm
Nevermind, got it to work. Lol. *Rekt*
12th December 2015 1:26pm
22nd June 2016 2:43am
Nope, did not work at all, tried anything
8th December 2015 9:21pm
how do i change the format of the code so i can import the save
23rd November 2015 2:13am
How do i get to the clipboard?????????!?!?!?
23rd October 2015 6:00pm
It works for everyone else, I don't know what exactly you mean. Maybe try: http://bfy.tw/2RiX :)
24th October 2015 11:53am
not work nooooob unsure
LaughLaughLaugh not work hahaahahahhahahaha *****
23rd October 2015 5:08pm
21st October 2015 1:27am
This looks like the very last savegame to me. No more savegames required :D
21st October 2015 10:30am
Works Great just gave myself 5 million weapon cubes nothing more nothing less xDD
15th October 2015 10:19pm
Still works here. You just need to be sure that your values are all ok and make sense.

Start with a fresh export and make small changes.
13th October 2015 11:43pm
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